$1.1 billion in crypto currencies like Ethereum and Monero

According to recent research, the total amount stolen by cyber criminals this year alone is over $1.1 billion. The cyber security company Carbon Black said the money was pretty easy to steal.

Bitcoin Trader for only one dollar

Rick McElroy, security manager at Carbon Black, spoke to CNBC about this trend and how easy it is for criminals today. It’s surprisingly easy to commit a cyber crime like Ransomware, even without programming skills. It’s not always the https://www.onlinebetrug.net/en/bitcoin-trader/ big bad groups, anyone can do that.

Many use the dark web for this. There you can find many market places for e.g. Ransomware and there you can order the software without having to write the program yourself. The malicious software costs on average 224 US dollars, but the cheapest version costs only 1.04 USD.


Responsibility of users

The security expert also said that the responsibility for protecting crypto currencies lies with each individual. He reported on some naive investors who did not know that Bitcoin & Co. did not have a safety net like banks or institutions.

With crypto currencies these cannot offer protection, everyone is his own bank and the responsibility lies with the user. With large sums a hardware Wallet should be obligation.

Stock exchange hacks & companies in focus
27% of the attacks were aimed at stock exchanges. This makes stock markets the most attractive target. Coincheck was the last high carat, hackers could capture 530 million USD in NEM. In second place with 21% are companies. According to Carbon Black, www.onlinebetrug/en a ransom demand is the usual procedure. The attacker demands payment in a certain crypto currency before releasing the affected computers or networks.

Monero and Ether the new favourite currency
It becomes clear that Bitcoin is not the crypto currency preferred by cybercriminals. Both Monero and Ether have been used more often than the most popular digital currency today. The privacy oriented crypto currency Monero was demanded in 44% of all hacks. This value puts the crypto currency well ahead of other digital currencies. Ether follows with ‚only‘ eleven percent, followed by Bitcoin with ten percent.

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