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Investor sues Ripple on grounds of „securities

Investor sues Ripple | An investor who claims to have lost money buying and selling XRP crypto currency has filed a class action lawsuit against Distributed Ledger Startup Ripple alleging that the company violated state and federal securities laws. Investor … Weiterlesen

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Bitcoin Lightning Network – Capacity problem?

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is considered the most important development of the year. Solving the problem of scalability is not an easy task. Although significant progress has already been made, some concerns remain. Larger payments and also aspects of capacity are … Weiterlesen

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$1.1 billion in crypto currencies like Ethereum and Monero

According to recent research, the total amount stolen by cyber criminals this year alone is over $1.1 billion. The cyber security company Carbon Black said the money was pretty easy to steal. Bitcoin Trader for only one dollar Rick McElroy, security … Weiterlesen

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Ether sent to Ether Classic or vice versa – What to do?

Scenario 1: Ether sent to an Ether Classic address ledger Trezor Myetherwallet and private keys Jaxx and Exodus Scenario 2: Ether Classic sent to an Ether address ledger Trezor Scenario 3: ERC20 token sent to Ether Classic address Send Ether … Weiterlesen

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Hedge Fund CEO: Bitcoin price of $60,000 in 2018 possible

Phillip Nunn has stated that he still believes Bitcoin will reach $60,000 this year. The CEO of The Blackmore Group and Wealth Chain Group today confirmed his January price forecast. Many crypto projects like Bitcoin Profit will fail Nunn spoke … Weiterlesen

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Analysts expect a strong increase in bitcoin values

For the first time since March 2017, purchase orders now account for over 92 percent of market activity. After a market recovery of over $120 billion, the massive increase in buy orders announces an imminent bull market that may even … Weiterlesen

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